Embed innovation in your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Companies are investing in diversity and inclusion to reap economic and cultural benefits and to commit to a promise of positive impact. Progress, however, is often slow and arduous. Discover how a more innovative approach can amplify and accelerate your efforts.

What's holding diversity and inclusion programs back?

Not Seen as Strategic
Leaders at all levels don't see the strategic importance of diversity and inclusion, reducing it to a "check the box" HR activity.
Top-Down Efforts
Mandatory diversity trainings based on outdated methods fail to change long-term behavior and can generate adverse effects.
Ignoring Inclusion & Equity
Hiring more diverse talent with little regard for creating equal conditions for belonging and advancement is counterproductive.
Lack of Agility
Bureaucracy, internal politics, resistance to change and silos are hurdles that traditional approaches can't easily overcome.

What if you could accelerate your progress and amplify impact?

People-Centric Research

Dig into the root causes of organizational challenges around diversity and inclusion and identify promising opportunities.

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Innovative Problem-Solving

Accelerate progress using a design-driven innovation approach that takes blind spots into account, puts people at its core and promotes ongoing experimentation.

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People-Centric Research

Dig deep into diversity and inclusion challenges

I run diversity and inclusion research studies to help you dig into organizational roadblocks and to identify what's working well today that can be amplified and what needs to be remedied immediately.
Research Focus Areas
Needs, challenges and aspirations of your workforce; impact and resonance of historical and current DEI initiatives (or lack thereof)
Research Outcomes
Hand-crafted visual deliverables with employee personas, trends, cultural insights and strategic recommendations

Unique research approach rooted in mixed methods

I leverage empathy techniques, ethnographic methods drawn from the social sciences, quantitative analysis and inventive engagement techniques (known as liberating structures) to balance a systems-level view with the ability to zoom in and go beyond the surface for deeper insights.

Types of Research:
Review of documentation, processes, reports and internal and external activities
1:1 interviews to identify needs and pain points of different types of employees and stakeholders across organization
Inclusive group conversations to liberate the full potential of the group, practice discovery and build trust
Qualitative and quantitative surveys to evaluate organizational culture
Innovative Problem-Solving

Build and test innovative solutions in just a few days

I help teams rapidly build innovative solutions to critical diversity and inclusion challenges through collaborative design workshops and design sprints. I rely on a process that blends business strategy, innovation, behavioral science and design thinking to help you:
Accelerate decision-making and drive consensus
Tap into research insights, collective intelligence and creativity
Quickly validate solutions for pilot projects

A closer look at a design sprint

A sprint typically lasts 4 or 5 days but can be extended up to 2 weeks to polish ideas, expand testing and prepare for deployment.

For best results, teams should be comprised of a cross-section of diverse employees, stakeholders and decision-makers. I round out the team with experienced diversity and inclusion specialists to embed expert perspectives throughout the sprint.
Collectively explore and reframe challenges
We start with expert talks and review of employee and contextual research, conducted in part ahead of the session, to reframe diversity and inclusion problems into strategic opportunities for change and impact.
Effortlessly generate and narrow down ideas
Through exercises that are carefully crafted to unleash creativity and promote collaboration, participants imagine as many innovative solutions as possible. Through collective decision-making that takes into account constraints and objectives, the group hones in on the most feasible and impactful ideas.
Creatively bring ideas to life for testing
Participants elaborate high-potential ideas with visual design tools, such as a storyboard and an employee experience map, and prepare them for testing by building "quick and dirty" prototypes (real-life representations of their ideas).
Rapidly test and refine ideas with real people
Participants test their prototypes with a panel of diverse employees to assess feasibility, desirability and impact by collecting critical feedback and usage data. I help teams further iterate and refine solutions for broader deployment.

A proven design innovation strategist, facilitator and researcher

I've run 50+ design workshops for multidisciplinary teams and conducted hundreds of interviews with employees for large organizations, NGOs, and start-ups over the past decade.

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