Self-Promotion Workshop

Take a first step to build inclusive behaviors.

As a certified #IamRemarkable workshop facilitator, I guide teams through open, collective dialogues on the systemic, cultural and personal barriers around self-promotion with a focus on the lived experiences of women and underrepresented groups.

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#IamRemarkable is a global Google initiative empowering individuals to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. There are 7,000+ facilitators  in this global network who regularly host #IamRemarkable workshops for their communities and organizations.

Why should your team participate?

Gain confidence in self-promotion
Through self-discovery exercises and supportive intergroup dialogue, participants build valuable skills in self-promotion to boost motivation and confidence in their accomplishments
Challenge social perception and bias
Attendees are invited to examine and challenge the biases and cultural and gender modesty norms that may emerge as barriers to self-promotion

Feedback from participants

Average rating: 4.7/5.0
"Sandra was very professional and genuinely interested in all participants' experiences. She included everyone and encouraged participation.”
“Great to connect with colleagues from around the world, a number of whom I didn't know. Different cultural perspectives were fascinating”
“The facilitation of engagement with participants: simple but powerful sharing.”

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I offer for community groups and professional teams. Note that a single workshop isn't enough to build an inclusive culture and should be embedded in a broader diversity and inclusion strategy.

Between 90 minutes and 2 hours
Up to 15 participants (all backgrounds are welcome!)
Delivered remotely or in-person
Facilitated in English or French
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