Build better products — for everyone.

While technology has done a lot of good in the world, it has also amplified bias, and, at its worst, hate and trauma, especially for people on the margins. A commitment to product inclusion helps you reduce potential harm while achieving product excellence, improving brand favorability and extending market reach.

How can you design products more inclusively and equitably?

By intentionally expanding your focus beyond "mainstream users" and ideal user scenarios, helping you anticipate and minimize harm and increasing access and reach to your products
By intentionally inviting and compensating diverse end users as co-creators and masters of lived experience, not as nameless research or test subjects
By intentionally recognizing the limits of empathy and identifying and correcting for bias and lack of diversity in your products, processes and culture
Strategic Advisory

Adopt a product inclusion strategy

I will audit your strategy, processes, tools and team culture through the lens of diversity, inclusion and equity and provide strategic recommendations for improvements.

Focus Areas:
Executive sponsorship and measurement frameworks around product inclusion
Diversifying user panels for research and testing
Ethical and equitable practices for research and testing with individuals from underrepresented communities
Persona definition for a greater number of extreme users
Stress testing ideas and prototypes with diverse users
Inclusive Design Sprint

Rapidly build inclusive products and services with greater impact

Turn to an inclusive design sprint to quickly build new products and services or to rethink existing offerings for a wider cross-section of users. I can tailor the duration, content and activities of the sprint to your needs and desired outcomes.

Standard Program (5 days):
Day 1: Inclusion lightning talks; field research and analysis; wide range persona definition
Day 2: Idea sketching and storyboarding for best and worse-case scenarios
Day 3: Exploration and selection of ideas based on risk mitigation and inclusion principles
Day 4: Prototype development
Day 5: Stress/adversarial testing with diverse users
Capacity Building

Empower product and service teams to be more inclusive

I will help the members of your product team build the skills and capabilities to become more inclusive in product design through hands-on learning, coaching, tools development and community building.

Type of support I can provide:
Experiential and interactive workshops on product inclusion
Individual and group coaching for ongoing feedback, critical reviews and discussion
Development of inclusive design playbooks and tools to scale and operationalize inclusive design practices
Strategic oversight of product inclusion communities of practice for larger organizations

I bridge cross-cultural sensibility with inclusive design

As a multicultural practitioner with lived experience across different countries, languages and disciplines, I have challenged teams to design innovative solutions for people outside the mainstream, including displaced individuals, people seeking shelter and asylum, non-native English speakers, foreign employees and digital novices.

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