Transform your team into inclusive changemakers.

Empower your team members to unleash their creative potential, catalyze change and champion diversity and inclusion through inclusive learning experiences.

What's an inclusive changemaker?

A champion for empathy, belonging and diverse perspectives
A creative thinker who breaks tradition to imagine new possibilities
A collaborative problem-solver who quickly transforms ideas into impact

The inclusive changemaker learning journey

For momentum and lasting impact, learning experiences should be embedded into a clear diversity and inclusion strategy that is grounded in an understanding of realities on the ground and is heralded by leadership at all levels.

Introduce teams to new mindsets and ways of working through short, practical masterclasses. The classes scale up to 30 participants per session, can be delivered remotely or in person in English or French. Content and duration are customizeable.

Custom Learning Programs

Kickstart culture change by scaling inclusive and creative practices and mindsets more broadly across teams, departments and geographies through innovative learning programs.

Generalist Masterclass

Foundations of inclusive design thinking

Explore how to apply inclusive design thinking principles in your work, including empathy, unpacking bias, agile problem-solving and collective intelligence.

Foundations Program (2 days):
Discover what it means to be an inclusive and creative changemaker
Identify and overcome roadblocks to diversity, inclusion and creativity by exploring different types of bias, power structures, and the limits of empathy
Incorporate diverse perspectives and create inclusive environments for collaboration and decision-making across differences
Unleash creativity and accelerate problem-solving through rapid iterative cycles of ideation, prototyping and testing
Specialized Masterclass

Designing inclusive learning experiences

Design and deliver more inclusive, user-centric and engaging trainings, workshops, eLearnings and seminars thanks to human-centered design methods.

Standard Program (2 days):
Master the posture, techniques and mindset of an inclusive trainer and facilitator
Understand the needs of a diverse set of learners and translate needs to clear learning objectives
Design more effective and impactful learning experiences by co-creating and testing them directly with learners
Create an inclusive learning environment that promotes full participation and engagement from all learners
Custom Learning Programs

Scale new practices across teams.

I use instructional design methods to co-create robust learning programs with you to boost creative and inclusive practices for a critical mass of employees across all levels.

Type of support I can provide:
Learning and development strategy
Curriculum design and management
Instructional design (eLearning, webinars, seminars, workshops, train-the-trainer)
Strategic oversight of communities of practice and mentorship programs
Delivery of in-person and virtual sessions

Building and facilitating a design thinking learning program for an EdTech start-up

“Sandra fully understood our objectives and created an excellent lesson plan with the greatest professionalism, sharp expertise and extraordinary people skills. Her intelligence, active listening and proactive recommendations helped us take a great leap beyond our current training standards. ”

Mathilde Beaugé, Project Manager

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