Build your product inclusion strategy

Ready to embark on the journey to inclusion? I'll help you assess your risks and opportunities, drive awareness, secure team-buy in and find direction.

“Pretty much everything you’ve outlined [in your audit] was a huge help in pushing internally for some quick fix changes we could do in order to help us grow as a business. Thank you for the positive impact you’ve had.”

Nicolas Estrup, VP of Product
Culture Audit

Find the right starting point based on readiness

Focus your product inclusion efforts on what will drive the greatest impact for the business and consumers. I help teams assess readiness, risks and opportunities across the stages of product development (from planning to release).
A blend of questionnaires, interviews and review of internal documentation
Report with readiness level, opportunity areas by stage and line of business and business and consumer risks
Initiation Workshops

Build awareness and secure buy-in

Getting alignment at the top and on the ground is essential for real progress. I facilitate dialogues and workshops for leaders and teams to build awareness, educate on key concepts and inspire action.

Participants will discover the value of product inclusion and explore the inclusivity of their products in a series of exercises and guided discussions.

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Strategic Advisory

Set a vision and build a roadmap

Vision setting and strategic planning will take place over a series of collaborative work sessions. We'll first define your "Inclusion North Star" based on your business goals, company values and long-term vision.

We'll then build a strategic roadmap for culture and workflow change that matches your ambitions.

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