Build momentum with a spark of inspiration

I blend vivid storytelling with practical cases and interactivity to inspire new ways of thinking, meaningfully engage audiences and encourage action.

Over a decade speaking to audiences around the world

I've spent a big portion of my career in front of an audience as a speaker, facilitator and trainer and it's absolutely thrilling!

I've spoken at big industry events, virtual conferences and small intimate sessions for Fortune 500/CAC 40 companies, startups, NGOs and universities. I can deliver talks in English, French or Spanish.

Recent Talks
Babbel Perspectives: Your Daily Guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Babbel, 2021)
How Might We...Design a More Inclusive Tech-Fueled Future (Amplify DEI, 2021) - See Talk
The Dos and Don'ts of Customer Discovery (Startup Safari Budapest, 2021)
The Keys to Creating Products that People Love and Want to Buy (Google Hungary, 2020 & 2021)
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An authentic, energetic and inclusive speaker

Every talk is uniquely tailored to your goals, the context of the event and the specifics of the audience for maximum impact and memorability. I pay a special focus to inclusivity through a balance of visuals and speech, the use of captions and accessible language.

Sample Topics
Product Inclusion
Inclusive Research & Design
Equity-Centered Design
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Tech
Building Inclusive Workplace Cultures
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“Sandra designed the remote session as a super exciting and vivid event, mixing perfectly different modes of interaction like polls, chat and surveys, videos and a meaningful combination of slides, visuals and talking.”

Andreas Lehner, UX and & Usability Lecturer HTW

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