What is inclusive design?

Inclusive Design is an approach, mindset and practice that ensures that everyone, regardless of their identity or background, can fully access and benefit from the products, services, experiences, and environments we build.

Doing good comes with the risk of doing harm.

If your team aims to build solutions that can change the world, it's important to keep yourselves in check. Without realizing it, we often design solutions for a "default" majority. This can perpetuate harm to people who are on the margins of society. It also limits the reach and impact of your solutions.

Sticking to a mantra of "move fast and break things" may lead you to do more harm than good — even with the best of intentions. Unlike a carbon footprint, an organization's social harm footprint often goes unmeasured and unaddressed.

Can technology be racist?

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Innovate more responsibly with inclusive design

Inclusive* Design is a human-centered innovation approach grounded in critical reflection, ethics and accountability. It enables you to accelerate innovation while amplifying social impact and minimizing harm. It requires a shift from "creating for" a default majority to "creating with" marginalized communities.

Key Principles

Center the needs and voices of marginalized groups
Account for intersectional identities
Unpack biases, power and privileges
Recognize, pre-empt and remedy social harm
Make decisions anchored in ethics, justice, and compassion
Take accountability for your impact, not your intentions

*I use the term "inclusive" as an entry point to greater social change — our end goal should not only be to include more people but to also promote equity and justice by breaking down structural barriers and redistributing power in society.

Why embrace inclusive design practices

Serve more people

Opening up your solutions to more people leads to better business outcomes and new opportunities

Amplify positive impact

Designing with and for underserved groups helps you drive social progress and fight oppression

Boost innovation

Inclusive practices allow your teams to work better together and creatively overcome challenges

Grow and innovate with inclusive design.