Experiment with inclusive design

Progress before perfection is critical with product inclusion. I'll help you experiment with inclusive design in workflows and decision-making.

How can you design products more inclusively and equitably?

By intentionally expanding your focus beyond "average" users and "common" use cases to design for a greater diversity of human experiences
By intentionally inviting and compensating diverse end users as co-creators and masters of lived experience, not as nameless research or test subjects
By intentionally recognizing the limits of empathy and identifying and correcting for bias and inequities in your products, processes and culture

Put inclusivity into action at a smaller scale

Looking to start small? Get an outsider's perspective on day-to-day questions and challenges related to product inclusion.

I can help you audit an asset or deliverable, guide you on your product inclusion practice, give feedback or navigate a tough decision.

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Kick off a pilot project

Apply inclusive design principles on the development of a new product, service or experience. Based on your needs, I can support you as an extended member of your team, a facilitator and/or a strategic advisor.

My focus areas:
Reimagine design sprints with practices centered around ethics, inclusion and equity
Evolve research and testing practices to diversify user panels, reduce harm and address power imbalances
Assess and correct for bias, stereotyping and inequities across problem-framing, ideation and production
Establish inclusion principles, measurement and accountability frameworks, and modes of collaboration
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I bridge cross-cultural sensibility with inclusive design

Based on my background and lived experiences, I bring North American, South American and European perspectives to my work.

I've helped design innovative solutions for people outside the majority, including displaced individuals, people seeking shelter and asylum, non-native English speakers, foreign employees and digital novices.

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