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I'm Sandra Camacho,
(Sandra By Design).

I'm a responsible innovation consultant and inclusive design practitioner based in Paris, France. I've worked under the alias Sandra By Design since 2018 to help organizations design for social impact. I'm also the founder of the Inclusive Design Jam, a global learning community.

I draw from 10+ years of experience in Tech, field work in the humanitarian sector and academic study of the social sciences and design strategy across Europe and North America.

My mission

I empower changemakers to live true to their values and drive meaningful social change by harnessing the power of inclusive design.


Purpose before Profit
Pursuit of Social Justice
Cultural Humility


I wish to contribute to a global social justice movement that aims to dismantle oppression and social inequities across all aspects of business and society.

Working Style

I balance agile co-creation and collective intelligence with deep study and reflection. I value expertise in all its forms: lived experience, academic and professional.

Who is Sandra By Design?

I've lived and breathed innovation culture.

I started my career at Google and spent 8 years there working across product commercialization, learning & development and design thinking in the U.S. and Europe.

I brought new features in Google Analytics to market, built employee enablement programs and guided dozens of teams to embrace design thinking practices — all in a Tech-fueled environment that evolved at lightning speed.

Why I left Google to start my own business

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I have facilitation and training superpowers.

Design thinking workshops are my flagship. I've run over 200 workshops in virtual and in-person settings since 2012. I've also built and run online courses and blended learning programs for groups ranging from 5 to 6000 people.

I take great joy in using facilitation and learning design as tools for problem-solving, personal and professional growth and team culture-building.

Trained in Design Thinking and learning design at Google
Certified as a Google Design Sprints facilitator
Trained in Liberating Structures at Greaterthan Academy

I'm an experienced practitioner in designing for inclusion.

I've cultivated theoretical understanding and practice through study, research, training and field work.

Politics, Culture and Identity Studies

I hold a rich understanding of what it takes to navigate diversity, build inclusive environments and reform systems of oppression through my studies of cross-cultural relations, critical race theory and identity politics at Brown University.

Bachelor's Degree, International Relations and French Civilization (2010)

Providence, RI, USA
Social Design Study and Field Work

I deepened my expertise in innovation strategy and in designing for marginalized groups in my studies at French design school, Ensci-Les Ateliers and field work in the humanitarian sector (examined in my thesis, Design without Boundaries.)

Master's Degree in Design Innovation Strategy (2018)

Paris, France
Additional Training
  • Trauma-Informed Design Research (2021)
  • Greaterthan Academy Advanced Liberating Structures Facilitation Studio (2021)
  • HmntyCntrd Masterclass for UX Professionals (2021)
  • Planet Centric Impact Mapping, Idean (2020)
  • Field Research Master Class with Jan Chipchase (2018)
  • Magic Academy (Creative Leadership), Google (2015)
  • Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation, Acumen+/IDEO.org (2014)
  • Typography, Massachusetts College of Art & Design (2013)
  • Training and Course Design Bootcamp, Google (2013)
  • Creative Skills for Innovation (Design Thinking), Google (2012)

My lived experience amplifies my impact.

I use a heightened awareness of my position within and outside of dominant groups to build rapport with people across all backgrounds.

I'm a woman of color in Tech, a Latina immigrant in the U.S., and a "foreigner" with an accent in France. But I'm also a native English speaker with 3 passports, a light-skinned individual, and a former Google employee.

These multi-layered experiences elevate my ability to help leaders and teams work across differences with resilience and humility.

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