What does it mean to design for everyone?

It means intentionally creating the conditions for individuals of all backgrounds to have equal access to products, opportunities and environments, to be active contributors in problem-solving and to have a seat at the decision-making table.

My inclusive design guiding principles

I use inclusive design to help teams make products, services, experiences and work environments that are accessible, usable, accommodating and welcoming for all types of people, with a focus on those who have been historically underserved in both business and society.

This requires a willingness to lean into diverse perspectives for inspiration, insight and guidance as well as ongoing course correction of biases and systemic inequities that lead to exclusion, marginalization and unintentional harm.
Incorporate Diverse Perspectives
I help you intentionally incorporate as many diverse perspectives as possible into research, ideation, decision-making and testing.
Explore Exclusion and Belonging
Through deep empathy work, I help you better understand exclusion and define what belonging means for your employees and customers.
Identify and Correct
for Blind Spots
By exploring bias and power structures, I challenge you to address blind spots that may lead to negative outcomes or harm.

Here's what our inclusive design journey can look like.

I use an iterative, human-centered design approach —layered with diversity, inclusion and equity principles as well as ethical considerations — to transform your strategic vision into positive impact and business results.

This approach examines and mobilizes people, team culture, tools, processes and systems both within and outside of your organization.

I start with a diagnosis and a strategic roadmap.

We will kick off with a free consultation for me to assess your needs, objectives and desired outcomes. Once you're onboard, I dig deeper into your challenges, audit your culture and current efforts and align key stakeholders to build a strategic roadmap together with agreed-upon key milestones and KPIs.

I tailor my support to your needs and desired outcomes.

I can pivot between strategic advisory and hands-on support across either the full spectrum of the inclusive design process or on select focus areas. I drive consensus and transparency through collaborative work sessions, concrete deliverables and progress tracking. When necessary, I bring in partners for specialized expertise.

Diversity-Fueled Research
I conduct user research to give you deep insights into the most important needs and pain points of a diverse set of customers, stakeholders and employees.
Problem Framing
I transform raw research data into meaningful insights to help you reframe problems into design opportunities for greater positive impact and inclusivity.
Ideation and Co-Creation
I facilitate inclusive workshops with diverse groups of users, employees, stakeholders and experts to generate creative ideas that address both human and business needs.
Quick and Dirty Prototyping
I guide your team to quickly transform ideas with greatest potential into tangible outputs that can be tested with real people as quickly as possible.
Diverse User Testing
I steer you to test prototypes of your solutions with a diverse panel of users to get data-based learnings for evolving the solution toward the best outcomes.
Implementation and Delivery
I provide strategic oversight on pilot projects and communities of practice and own/support delivery of learning experiences.

I end every engagement with impact measurement.

Measurement strategies defined at the outset of the engagement enable us to collect meaningful data on impact before, during and after our collaboration. This includes:

Qualitative and quantitative measurement for brand favorability and social impact
Quantitative measurement for customer acquisition, satisfaction, retention and lifetime value
Employee opinion surveys and longitudinal studies for culture change and skills advancement

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"Sandra is continuously pushing boundaries for clients thus enabling them to develop impactful 10x thinking."
Frank Albert Coates, Google

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