My work is defined by its impact, rigour and quality.

Clients turn to me for my track record of measurable results, seamless client experiences and high-quality deliverables, and a unique perspective that challenges mainstream thinking.
"Sandra demonstrates a rare combination of intelligence, social abilities and vision."
Director, Libraries without Borders
“Sandra helped us take a great leap beyond our current training standards.”
Training Project Manager, Unow
“Sandra was a fabulous speaker with great skills to lead this whole design day.”
Anonymous Participant at Google Startup Academy
“Sandra created memorable moments of learning and inspired all of us.”
Usability Lecturer, HTW Berlin

Dive into a few case studies

Revamping a design thinking learning program for an EdTech startup
“Sandra fully understood our objectives and created an excellent lesson plan with the greatest professionalism, sharp expertise and extraordinary people skills. Her intelligence, active listening and proactive recommendations helped us take a great leap beyond our current training standards."
Driving an NGO toward greater inclusivity and user-centricity
“My perception of design has truly evolved...I thought that design was a bonus and not really necessary. [We learned to] constrain ourselves more to the user than to ourselves, although I thought we were doing this already.”

A glimpse at other projects

Training startup entrepreneurs on design in an inclusive learning experience
Interactive and engaging keynote and workshop on "The Keys to Designing Products that People Love and Want to Buy" for 40+ entrepreneurs at the Google Hungary Startup Academy.
A data collection system that adapts to diverse staff practices
Field research, secondary research and prototype development to inform the design of a data collection system to be scaled to diverse staff members of pop-up library spaces across 15+ countries.
Fueling business innovation for 500 cross-cultural employees
Co-direction of 6 simultaneous design workshops with 15 facilitators for 500 participants of different cultures, languages and disciplines on a racetrack in Central & Eastern Europe. Teams prototyped solutions to 4 key business challenges.
Seeking data-inspired solutions for climate change during COP21
An accelerated design sprint with Google's climate data science team and senior leadership from 11 UN & NGO partners to leverage joint expertise to imagine programs with the greatest positive impact on climate change.
Redesigning the Noogler experience
Design workshop to guide Program Managers through a redesign of the onboarding experience for Googlers, including in-depth analysis of employee interviews and ideation and prototyping of new experience concepts.
Accompanying intrapreneurs to imagine impactful innovations
A series of design workshops to guide internal entrepreneurs through problem framing, stakeholder and user research and early concept definition.

Helping design thinking practitioners strengthen their skills and methods

I run a community of practice called Design Thinking en Pratique (Design Thinking in Practice) for French-speaking design thinking enthusiasts. I regularly share best practices, exchange resources and organize workshops to experiment with co-creation and inclusive design thinking practices.

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Active mentor for French social entrepreneurs

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