Transforming the unaware into changemakers.

Incite curiosity and action with a vibrant speaker on inclusive design, healthy work cultures and social responsibility.

A snapshot of a slide and Sandra presenting at a virtual workshop on Designing for Good. The slide says "Doing good comes with the risk of doing harm"
A photo of a smiling light-skinned Latina woman with dark brown hair presenting in front a large audience.A photo of a smiling light-skinned Latina woman with dark brown hair wearing a blue top and back skirt. She is in presenting in front of a TV monitor with logos that say Google, Ensci-Les Ateliers and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

Inspiring, educating and activating audiences.

I've spent nearly 15 years engaging audiences with provocative storytelling, some playful humor and a dash of practical advice. Check out a few of my speaking interventions below.

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Opening hearts and minds at...

Photo Credit: Anne Dhir. "How Narcissism Drives Bias and Inequity in Design," Service Design Global Conference, 2022.

Inclusive, memorable talks for your unique audience.

I walk the walk of the inclusion. My talks are inclusive, accessible and tailor-made for your audience. That way, everyone can find delight and fully participate.

Topics I Talk About
Inclusive Research and Design
Product Inclusion and Equity
Empathy, Narcissism and Humility in Design
Bridging Purpose with Profit in Business
Social Responsibility, Activism and Ethics in Business
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Tech & Startups
Shaping Healthy and Inclusive Work Cultures

“Sandra designed the remote session as a super exciting and vivid event. [She mixed] perfectly different modes of interaction like polls, chat and surveys, videos and a meaningful combination of slides, visuals and talking.”

Andreas Lehner, UX and & Usability Lecturer HTW
A collage of slides and  audience snapshots from a virtual workshop on Empathy.
An illustration of Sandra, a light-skinned dark haired Latina, holding an envelope with a heart on it

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