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For Design & Product Teams

Design for good — at all costs.

What if you could create future-ready solutions that benefit your business — and the world?

The current way we design is broken.

Teams build products, services and technologies to meet business goals and, if they're lucky, the needs of target users.

But these solutions often benefit the most privileged — and create negative consequences for the planet and everyone else.

You don't have to accept this status quo. My approach of design for positive change can help you defy the profit-centric norms of design and innovation. That means living true to the promise of designing a future that's fair, liberatory and equitable.

How I can support you.


Discover the building blocks of design of positive change.

My Design Changemakers Immersion will give your team three starting ingredients to start designing for positive change: clarity, inspiration and practicality.

This isn't your typical workshop! Your team will actively immerse in new ways of designing through thoughtfully crafted activities, lively discussions and a few other surprises.

Key Components
Half-day or full-day experience
Design Changemaking Playbook
Interactive case studies and exercises
Curated resources
Varies based on delivery, personalization and size of organization
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Build your team's capacity to design responsibly.

Training alone often fails to change how people work. If your team's work environment prevents them from acting on what they learn, they can't design responsibly.

That's why I focus on enablement. I've designed the Design Changemakers Accelerator to create optimal conditions for your team to both acquire and activate new skills and knowledge.

Key Components
Online lessons, challenges and assessments
Practical live workshops
Peer-based learning
Robust tools and resources (Design Changemaker's Toolkit)
Private sessions: Varies based on delivery, personalization and size of organization
Public sessions: Between $429 and $949 per person
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Experiment with the help of a trusted advisor.

My focus is on enabling product and design teams to work in ways that align with their values. A big part of that is setting you up for success and getting obstacles out of your way.

Scaling equity practices across teams, getting leadership buy-in and experimenting on a small-scale project all come with unique challenges. I'll be your trusted advisor to ensure you focus on realistic opportunities, solve for the right problems and avoid common mistakes.

Advisory areas
Design and Product Equity Strategy
Product, Culture and Process Audits
Leadership Advocacy
Employee Enablement Strategies (Training Programs, Toolkits, Communities of Practice, Assessments, etc)
Measurement Frameworks
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Bespoke Support

Create a personalized initiative for your team.

I can partner with you to create initiatives that take into account the specificities of your organization. This could mean creating a methodology for ethical and responsible practices that maps to your unique design process. Or designing a custom workshop, playbook or tool for specific roles, product lines or work areas (i.e. visual design, UX writing, marketing, etc).

I've worked with organizations of all sizes to create trainings, playbooks, tools and beyond that are personalized to the needs of their teams. We can either design things from scratch or adapt my existing offerings and approaches to fit within your organizational context.

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Nicolas Estrup, Chief Innovation Officer at Blast speaking

“Pretty much everything you’ve outlined [in your audit] was a huge help in pushing internally for some quick fix changes we could do to help us grow as a business. Thank you for the positive impact you’ve had.”

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Nicolas Estrup, Chief Innovation Officer

Why work with me.

After 8 years at Google and 6 years of supporting values-based teams worldwide, I've built deep skills in navigating the interplay of user experience, business impact and positive impact.

My unique blend of expertise and experience across design strategy, DEI principles and employee enablement elevates my ability to incite growth within your team and your ways of working.

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Looking to start at a smaller scale?

I do bite-sized lightning talks, interactive sessions and webinars to introduce audiences to design for positive change.
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