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For DEI & HR Teams

Unleash the combined power of design and DEI.

Take talent and learning programs to the next level of impact.

Designing a workplace where changemakers thrive.

How can you ensure that employee, culture and learning initiatives realize their full potential?

You can ensure they address actual needs that you've validated with a wide range of employees. You can continuously test and improve them with real-time feedback to reduce risk of failure. And you can design them to be safe, accessible and inclusive to your employees, especially those from marginalized groups.

My unique approach — design for positive change enables you to do just that in talent programs, learning experiences, ERGs, communities of practice and beyond.

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How I can support you.

Design effective programs, learning experiences and tooling.

We'll explore problems and needs with a diverse range of employees, prototype and test creative approaches, weave in inclusivity, safety, accessibility and equitable access, and whenever possible, enable employees to co-design with you.

Upskill your team and organization.

We'll equip teams in your organization (including your own!) with the skills, knowledge and tools to design for positive change, both within their work areas and within the organization at large.

Three ways to work together.

Create initiatives together through co-design.

We'll design your initiatives from A to Z together through hands-on work sessions and asynchronous collaboration. If desired, I can support with facilitation and delivery.

This option is best for high-impact programs that you wish to thoughtfully design and personalize for audiences.

Implement proven learning initiatives.

I've developed a suite of learning offerings anchored in my design for positive change approach that we can adapt to different teams, focus areas and challenges in your organization.

This option is best if you prefer external programming that requires less time for development and delivery.

Get strategic and tactical advice.

Through advisory calls and asynchronous discussions, I'll provide guidance and feedback on strategies, key decisions and materials you've developed for your initiatives.

This option is best if you prefer to take full ownership of development and decision-making.

“This human-centric initiative exemplifies how our company values can be translated into real daily practice.”

Discover how I helped a language learning company build an actionable playbook for inclusive content creation with widespread internal support.

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Creating optimal conditions for change.

My number one focus is on enablement — that means creating optimal conditions for all employees to thrive in their growth, learning and development.

We'll not only zoom into the ins-and-outs of the design of your initiatives — we'll also zoom out to address, whenever possible, the structural and organizational barriers that could inhibit your initiatives from achieving their intended goals.

Why work with me.

I'm closely attuned to the challenges that DEI, HR and L&D professionals face in enabling talent to drive the business forward.

I bring a fresh perspective from having designed learning experiences, enablement programs and tooling for the past 10+ years, both in-house and with my client partners. I can help you elevate your impact with my unique blend of expertise in employee enablement, design and DEI.

About Me
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Looking to start at a smaller scale?

I do bite-sized lightning talks, interactive sessions and webinars to introduce audiences to design for positive change.
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Explore my flagship learning offerings.

I've infused my unique approach into a series of talks, immersive workshops, enablement programs and tools to move teams from theory to action.

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"I feel far more educated and empowered about the many forms oppressive practices take and how to chip away at those obstacles to create a more inclusive, equitable world through both my creative work and in my personal life."
Andrew, Designer & Illustrator at Gravity Switch
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