Fuel innovation and positive impact by design.

Fuel innovation and positive impact by design.

I'm Sandra Camacho, a multicultural strategic designer and innovation coach. I empower tech-savvy organizations to design innovative products, services and workplaces that are inclusive and beneficial to the greatest variety of people.

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Why embark on a path toward greater inclusivity and purpose?

Amplify positive impact
Designing for and with diverse people helps you minimize the potential harm of your solutions and empower marginalized groups
Supercharge performance
Diverse and inclusive companies financially outperform their peers, are more innovative and are more likely to attract and retain top talent
Reach more people
Extending the reach, inclusivity and accessibility of your products and services helps you tap into new and often overlooked markets

Build more inclusive products, services and workplaces.

Become an innovative pioneer in diversity, equity and inclusion across business strategy, organizational culture and product and service development.

How I Can Help You
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Catalyze change with a versatile innovation expert.

I've spent over a decade, including 8 years at Google across the US and Europe, helping diverse teams embrace digital and cultural transformation, adopt design thinking practices, and collaborate across differences.

I employ a toolkit of mixed methods – ranging from design and innovation strategy to diversity and inclusion principles – to transform your objectives into measurable results. I bring a unique cross-cultural perspective, analytical rigor and boundless curiosity to my work with clients around the world.

Discover what we can achieve together.

I've helped large companies, startups and NGOs from across the world build and deploy inclusive learning experiences, rethink internal processes and create innovative solutions with and for diverse stakeholders, employees and end users.

The results? Happy clients, fulfilled objectives and lasting impact.

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Training startup entrepreneurs on design in an inclusive learning experience

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