Dare to design for good — at all costs.

Design solutions that uplift as many people as possible. Let's work together to create positive, lasting change.

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Challenge bias and inequities.

A focus on profit doesn't have to stop us from designing for good. Chart a path toward inclusive & equitable design with an experienced guide by your side.


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Hi! I'm Sandra (she/her).

I'm a social activist, educator and consultant with a big dream — change the world with inclusive & equitable design. This is why I took on the alias Sandra By Design and founded the Inclusive Design Jam and Design Changemakers.

Inclusion and justice work — especially in profit-first environments — isn't easy. But thanks to wisdom and resilience I've built at Google and beyond, I'm defiantly marching forward and uniting with allies along the way.

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Lasting change and impact, by design.

My number one priority is to drive real change with my client partners. We'll dream big but break things down into actionable steps. That way, you can work toward sustainable impact and cultural transformation at a realistic pace.

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Upskilling underrepresented founders on inclusive customer discovery

Some uplifting words from my clients.

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"Meticulous writer and researcher, Sandra has exceeded all her promises."
CreativeOps Project Manager, Babbel
A small headshot of a female-presenting individual
"Sandra demonstrates a rare combination of intelligence, social abilities and vision."
Director, Libraries without Borders
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“Sandra helped us take a great leap beyond our current training standards.”
Editorial Project Manager, Unow
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“It's rare to find someone so hardworking, organized and motivated as Sandra.”
Program Manager, Grow with Google Hungary

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