Change the world —ethically and responsibly.

I help purpose-driven organizations innovate responsibly, elevate team performance, and maximize opportunities to serve more people.

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Hi! I'm Sandra Camacho.

I'm a responsible innovation consultant and the founder of the Inclusive Design Jam. I'm on a mission to help teams live true to their values and design a more just future.

I've spent the past 10+ years (8 of those at Google) helping teams innovate, embrace new ways of working and collaborate across differences.

About Me

Elevate business and social outcomes with inclusive design.

I'll help your team mobilize inclusive design to open up new market opportunities, increase social impact, and catalyze business innovation.

Discover what we can achieve together.

I've helped large companies, startups and NGOs from across the world build and deploy inclusive learning experiences, rethink internal processes and develop socially impactful solutions.

The results? Happy clients, fulfilled objectives and lasting impact.

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Guiding an EdTech company to embrace inclusivity in culture and content creation

Words from a few clients

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"Meticulous writer and researcher, Sandra has exceeded all her promises."
CreativeOps Project Manager, Babbel
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"Sandra demonstrates a rare combination of intelligence, social abilities and vision."
Director, Libraries without Borders
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“Sandra helped us take a great leap beyond our current training standards.”
Editorial Project Manager, Unow
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“It's rare to find someone so hardworking, organized and motivated as Sandra.”
Program Manager, Grow with Google Hungary

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