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For Individuals

Harness your power to design for good.

Good intentions can only get you so far. Learning, practice and community will take you to the next level.

Take a stand against the status quo.

Whether you're an individual contributor, a founder or a solopreneur, it can feel daunting to stand up to the establishment.

Leaders, VC firms, clients and funders may not understand or prioritize equity, social responsibility and ethics. You may feel like you don't have the power, resources or time to make positive change in your work.

But there is still hope. Design for positive change is an approach and mindset that can help you tap into your changemaking spirit and elevate your impact.

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Training and Tools

Deepen your skills, knowledge and practice.

One of the biggest steps to making positive change is build your skills, knowledge and practice. I've designed a learning platform called Design Changemakers to enable you to move from aspirations to concrete change.

You'll find virtual courses, tools and events to help you develop your skills, mindsets and practices. They are thoughtfully designed with inclusion, equity and accessibility in mind.

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Coaching and Advisory

Navigate decisions and tough challenges.

Looking for inputs or feedback on something you're designing? Or are you seeking guidance on how to anchor your career or organization in methods and practices positive change? I'm here to help.

I offer coaching and advisory sessions to individuals through a sliding scale model. We can first connect on an short call to get to know each other and determine if and how we can work together.

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Join the Inclusive Design Jam community

Looking to connect, grow and learn from other folks who share your values and want to use design for good?

Join me in a community of care and practice I oversee called the Inclusive Design Jam. This is a free virtual space for aspiring and experienced practitioners of inclusive and equitable design.

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Engage with a co-design experiment

Curious about co-design and eager to contribute to initiatives that benefit the design for positive change ecosystem?

Check out the Design Changemakers Co-Design Experiment, where changemakers around the world are coming together to build a library on designing for positive change. Follow our progress and get news on opportunities to practice co-design with us on Medium.

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Let's connect

Are you an individual looking to partner together in a more bespoke way? Tell me more below.

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