Make inclusive design a business reality.

Put the right strategies and tactics into place to achieve sustained impact.
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“Pretty much everything you’ve outlined [in your audit] was a huge help in pushing internally for some quick fix changes we could do to help us grow as a business. Thank you for the positive impact you’ve had.”

Nicolas Estrup, Chief Innovation Officer

Designing for inclusion is a journey — don't do it alone.

There are no quick fixes or shortcuts. But you can make progress ethically and responsibly. I'll guide you as you craft your strategies, assess your gaps and opportunities and implement changes.

Strategic Planning

We'll map out key actions and milestones to help you get the most value out of inclusive design and mobilize your resources efficiently.


We'll unmask patterns of exclusion, bias and inequity in your products, culture and processes and find opportunities for greater impact.


We'll design and deploy policies, programs and processes that enable you to build inclusive and equitable products from the start.

Partner with a thoughtful, experienced practitioner.

My wisdom comes from practical experience, industry best practices, academic research and my network of partners. I translate this wisdom into thoughtful recommendations that adapt to the realities of your organization, your people and your customers.

We can partner together on time-bound projects (such as the development of a new product or service) or on ongoing strategic and tactical initiatives through an advisory retainer. I'll serve the role of strategic advisor and bring in partners and subject matter experts for operational support when necessary.

Project Advisory
Get guidance on a specific project for a fixed amount of time.
Advisory Retainer
Get on-demand guidance on a recurring basis.

“This human-centric initiative exemplifies how our company values can be translated into real daily practice.”

Discover how I built an award-winning playbook on inclusive content creation in partnership with a prominent EdTech company.

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