Want to design for inclusion, equity and justice?

Cultivate a thoughtful practice of inclusive and equitable design in a unique learning community with changemakers from all over the world.

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A Mindset and Set of Practices

What is inclusive design?

Inclusive design helps us imagine and create products, services, experiences and environments that are accessible, usable, accommodating and welcoming for all types of people, especially those who have been historically underserved and oppressed in business and society.
Uplift and Empower
It means centering the voices of marginalized communities in the creative process to reduce harm infliected upon them, to ensure their safety and to promote healing.
Rethink and Deconstruct
It means critic and pre-empting social harm to make your culture, processes and solutions more equitable and inclusive.

Why join an Inclusive Design Jam?

Balanced Learning
We'll strike a balance between 'slow jam' time for critical reflection and fast-paced 'creative funks' for active discovery and creating.
The community drives the themes and focus areas for the jam sessions. The content and structure will evolve to adapt to participants' needs.
Culture Changemaking
Jams are focused on initiating and sustaining cultural change. This means focusing on mindset and decision-making, not tools.
Open to All
Jams will be scheduled at different times so all time zones can join. No design background is necessary, just bring a curious mind.

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